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    Home Staging
  • Why Home Staging?

    Do you want to make MORE money per listing with just a small investment? If you said yes, then home staging is perfect for your business. On average, a staged home spends HALF the time on the market, sells for OVER the listing price, and STANDS OUT when compared to competition. A recent study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 49% of listing agents said that their buyers were impacted by professional home staging. The NAR also found that the longer a home stays on the market, the further its price drops. A staged home will sell 79% FASTER than a non-staged home. Clearly time = money! The same study also found that over 70% of buyers will offer up to 6% OVER the listing price when compared to a non-staged home. Your listing will pop online too! A whopping 90% of prospective buyers begin their house shopping on the internet. Online listings that are staged will stand out when compared to other listings and draw in the buyers you desire. So, an eye-catching listing that spends less time on the market with offers over the asking price: Seems like a no-brainer, right? Zoe Homes LLC has helped many realtors make more money per listing and spend less time and money on marketing. If you want to see what Zoe Homes LLC can do for you, please contact us here or call us at (303) 847-9951

  • Staging Consult

    Don’t know where to start? No problem!
    Our initial consultation is a 90 minute, comprehensive walk-through of your entire home. Our professional will discuss the various factors which may arise, i.e. repairs, condition of spaces, furnishing changes (if need be) and get your home ready to list. Zoe Homes can help determine the "Wow Factor" of your home, discuss tips and tricks, organization and optimal home staging. We want to showcase your home and highlight its features. After the initial consultation, you will receive an Emailed Action List (usually emailed to our customers within a few days) which will include all information regarding the walk-through and our professional’s recommendations for the following steps to take. You have the option of carrying out the Emailed Action List on your own or Zoe Homes can assist and execute the items on your list with our Renovate and Revive service package.

    Consultation Cost: $120
    Realtor Special: $75

  • Certify your DIY

    Certification of your DIY staging. After the implementation of your Emailed Action List, I can come back to certify your house is up to par and tweak anything needing a little more attention.

    Cost: Hourly rate.

  • Staging for Vacant Properties

    This service will include full furniture/art/decor items rental, staging of living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom. Other area’s can be added. The inventory is on lease and will return to our possession at the end of the contracted term. This service is only available for properties in which no person or animal is living or staying in the property full or part time.

    Cost: Free Bid, Schedule today

  • Redesign & Revive Package

    This option is for you if you live in the home to be staged. Using your furniture we create the optimum layout to really wow those buyers. We then elevate the design by supplementing with furniture pieces, art, lamps, rugs, towels, bedding and accessories as needed. All supplemented staging is selected and purchased on behalf of the client with the discretion left to the stager. The purpose of supplemental design is to highlight the property's best assets, appeal to the widest pool of buyers and to prepare the property to be photo-ready. The client retains ownership of all supplemental staging and may leave it in place for as long as neccessary for the sale and then may use it however they wish after the sale. Why worry about couch placement and where to put throw pillows? Let us implement your Emailed Action List while you think about your listing price and your next dream home. Spaces included in the Redesign & Revive package: living room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom (bathroom included).

    Cost: Free Bid, Schedule today

  • Redesign & Revive Plus package

    The Redesign & Revive Plus package includes everything from the original Redesign & Revive package plus 1 additional bedroom and all bathrooms. *Any further spaces or changes are negotiable.

    Cost: Free Bid, Schedule today

  • Additional Services - Furniture Rental

    If you decide to stage your home without the use of your furniture, we give you the option to use rental furniture from our preferred vendors that will highlight a new living space for the next potential buyer. Consistency in style will aid in the visualization of a new, modern home.

    Cost: Final number after initial consultation.

  • Additional Services - Shopping

    Don’t have time to spend running all over town looking for decor items? No worries! We can do it for you. With years of experience buying for Set Decorating Department on TV shows and movies, I can find just about anything. Just give us a list and off we go!

    Cost: Hourly, cost-plus

  • Services - Interior Decorating
  • Interior Decorating Consultation

    Already own your home and want to update it, but have no idea how to get started? We’ll come walk through your home with you and discuss functionality and feel for the space. Then you will get an Emailed Action List with ideas and our preferred vendors list.

    Cost: $200 for 90-120 minute walk-through.

  • Renew & Vivify

    After the walk-through, you will get an inspiration board full of colors, textures, and decor. Together we will narrow down what you like. We will put it all together for you in the Comprehensive Packet. You will know where to buy all items, their best placement, receive a hand-selected color palette, and a preferred vendor list so you are able to put your room(s) together.

    Cost: Free Bid, Schedule today

  • Renew & Vivify Plus

    "That all sounds great, but I'm way too busy to do it myself. Can you do all of it?” We sure can! We will walk through your home, come up with a plan, and implement it for you. We will go shopping for your new decor items, while staying within your budget. Then we’ll put it all together and all you need to do is enjoy your new space!

    Cost: Dependent on scope of work Includes everything from Renew & Vivify Plus a Project Manager *Any further spaces or changes are negotiable.

  • Bigger Project?
  • Is your project more than just paint and decor? Thinking of removing a wall, re-doing your kitchen or doing a full-on rehab? Contact me about our project management options.

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