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Zoe Homes Team

Shay Kent | Owner

Zoe Homes LLC provides the finishing touches and bring out the best of your home in order for you to sell faster and potentially make more money. Our alluring living spaces create a sense of warmth and comfort for a family of any size. Shay’s creativity and eye for interior design can be seen throughout the properties she has transformed into loving homesteads.

Shay’s visionary ways began while she worked within the set decoration department for feature films and television in Georgia. With time, she decided her business savviness, problem solving and imaginativeness would be better served towards those seeking a new household chapter.
Zoe Homes LLC was born.

Ashley Boyd | Co-Owner

Ashley Boyd brings drive, passion and logistics to the operation. Ash has a background in economics and has strong sales experience. A master of words and banter, he brings light and joy into the company and is always ready to amuse you with a fun told story.

Pamela Kent | Designing Consultant

Pamela Kent is the designing consultant. With over 30 years of residential rehab experience, she is the heart behind Zoe Homes. Pamela brings her brilliant ideas and interior decorating skills to every home that we restore. She loves finding the "diamond in the rough” and making it shine to it’s full potential for our buyers.

Chris Cole | Locations Manager

Chris Cole is the Locations Manager. His ability to learn new traits and manage our contractors is astounding. He has worked on a number of residential projects in the Denver area over the last 10 years. Chris’s winning and can-do attitude provides a daily reinforcement of what Zoe Homes is built on.

Amanda Willis | Office Assistant

Amanda Willis is our Office Assistant. When she’s not here taking care of our office needs or being a fantastic mom of 3, she’s a Para-Educator for Special Needs Children. Here at Zoe Homes she’s a valuable member to the team, keeping our office up to date. Amanda and Shay have known each other for over 20 years!

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